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Avancées européennes sur l'efficience énergétique

Le 30 avril 2012 - Entreprendre

Sous la présidence Danoise, avancées européennes sur l'efficience énergétique.

Les ministres concernés devraient ratifier une directive avant fin juin.

Commentaires de la réunion préparatoire

The EU’s heads of state and government has set the objective to get agreement on the Energy Efficiency Directive by the end of June in order to create economic growth in the EU. The Danish Presidency has recently – based on demands from the member states – tabled a compromise proposal to make progress in the negotiations. Thursday, most of the energy ministers supported that the directive should secure a more energy efficient Europe – and that the directive should bring us substantial closer to the goal of reaching 20 percent energy savings in 2020. Among the ministers there was a clear understanding for the need of flexibility from all sides in the negotiations.

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